Social Research

LVQ Research conducts a broad range of research projects for Local Government, Central Government and Charities, including Cancer Research UK and Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Projects undertaken regularly involve interviewing adults and children, using both quantitative and qualitative methods (face-to-face and online). 

Importantly, we fully understand the need to recruit representative samples of the audience to be surveyed, and can offer the statistical expertise necessary to facilitate the most complex sample design.

A few of the subject areas we have been involved in include:-
  • Attitudes towards climate change
  • Reactions to cannabis reclassification
  • Monitoring attitudes towards changes in the law regarding cigarette sales
  • The usage of local libraries
  • Assessing Government advertising campaigns
  • Advertising development for Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • Teenagers feelings about adolescence and how they are portrayed in the media
  • Parental concerns as regards inappropriate online material


Social research in particular, often requires the design of very sensitive approaches to elicit information that can be difficult for respondents to verbalise. In addressing this, LVQ Research has developed methodological and questionnaire design expertise to elicit realistic responses to potentially challenging Social and Comumunity issues.