The Children's Omnibus

The Children's Omnibus is a monthly survey interviewing 1,000 young people aged 5-19 years.

Interviewing is conducted face-to-face in 80 nationally representative sampling points across Great Britain, using a random location approach for recruitment.

This is not a typical Omnibus survey, in that it offers a high level of flexibility:


  • Possible to boost sample size in specific areas if required
  • Potential to boost specific age groups
  • Parent interviews can also be provided
  • Product placement available
  • Flexibility in timings by arrangement
  • Advice on vocabulary / questionnaire design for younger children 

Results are available 7-8 days after the last day of fieldwork, although a fast-track service is offered at a small premium.


Costs range from £750 for simple pre-coded questions to £1,150 for more complex questions.