Online Research

LVQ's online service combines leading edge technology with outstanding research expertise.

Key benefits of our online service include:

  • Online expertise founded on research design knowledge and consumer insight, not just led by computing and IT capability
  • Access to one of the largest, long established and progressive panels available in the UK (300,000+ households). Also access to specialist panels including children and young persons
  • Online interviewing using client databases and website generated sampling frames also available
  • An impressive battery of norms for concept and product testing, volumetric estimation and ad tracking, adapted and validated for online methods
  • Delivery logistics back up - to facilitate in-home concept and product testing (including frozen products)
  • In addition to more straightforward surveys, expertise to conduct complex and challenging methodologies online, including:

Concept and product testing
Advertising tracking
Brand health
Children's research
Volumetric prediction/STMs
Conjoint analysis