LVQ Research offers high quality quantitative and qualitative research, based on innovative and practical research design. We are a well established company, launched in 1986, and each of our researchers has at least 20 years experience.

Our expertise embodies a wide range of techniques across many fields. This, combined with a commitment to understanding our clients' business, enables us to provide intuitive interpretation of results, actionable recommendations and marketing consultancy.

Specialist services include:

  • Concept Screening and Evaluation
  • New Product Development/Product Testing
  • Simulated Test Market modelling (STAMPE)
  • Pricing Research (PRICEWISE)
  • Promotions Effectiveness
  • Advertising Development/Tracking (TAILORTRACK)
  • Segmentation/U&A Studies
  • Children's/Youth Research
  • The Children's Omnibus
  • Qualitative Research
  • Retail Research
  • Social Research
  • Online Research
  • Advanced Statistical Techniques